Best Preparation Tips for a Consulting Interview and other Technology Positions

You’re a recent graduate with a degree in IT systems management, network implementation, or software engineering. Your skills are in demand, but in this challenging job market, you want to make sure you land the right position as soon as possible. At this point, you’ve been sending out applications for technology positions for a while and you’ve just been called in for your first consulting interview. What should you expect? And how should you prepare? 
Preparing for a Consulting Interview
1.    Understand the skills and talents that are most in demand, and expect to be asked about your background and experience in some of these areas. These include mobile application development, implementation experience with ERP and back office management systems, and social media marketing skills.
Consulting Interview
Consulting Interview
2.    Recognize that employers won’t just be looking for technical skills, even though they’re staffing technology positions. They’ll also be looking for candidates who understand their company brand and who will adapt well to their workplace culture. Employers usually evaluate cultural matches by asking behavioral questions about how well you work with teams, how you tend to lead others, and how you approach deadlines.
3.    Be ready to show your willingness to learn. The technology landscape changes fast, and your success doesn’t just depend on what you already know. It also depends on how receptive and flexible you are in the face of new information. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but also be humble and open to learn new things.
4.    Be prepared for the interviewer to gauge your ability to handle tough situations. Even if this would be your first technology position, the interviewer would want to know how you would interact with customers if they choose to hire you.  Look for questions like “have you had a customer not like a solution that you offered? What did you do?” or “Tell me about a situation in which you had a presentation that went wrong.”
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  1. This is very helpful for us who are currently racking our brains for an interview. It has been my dream to work on your team and believe me, I prepared so much by listening to seminars, reading, and attending trent taylor talks. Awesome tips! Thanks

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