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Talent Strategy – Acquisition

By Mike Evans

According to most predictions, the availability of high-performing technology talent, both domestically and internationally, will become increasingly supply-constrained for years—if not decades—to come.

Organizations will be challenged to think more holistically about their talent acquisition strategies to increase the success of attracting the right talent, and about their talent incubation to drive growth in the collective capabilities of their teams and offer an attractive long-term experience for high-performing individuals.
In this Part 1 of a two-part series, let us begin by looking at the key aspects that make up a talent acquisition framework that can be leveraged for both permanent in-house talent and temporary supplemental consulting or contractor resources.
“Type” refers to the categories of individuals that an organization is seeking. These categories are often multifaceted and generally represent a matrix of capabilities and roles. For example, you could arrange types by experienced or college hires, different skill types, or industry versus function.
“Source” refers to the current location of desired talent and requires approaches for penetrating those sources. In combination with “offering,” tactics should be identified to infiltrate the target sources to stimulate candidate interest.
Some considerations include looking for firms that train well but don’t retain well, educational institutions that provide college graduates with technical and cultural fits to your company, and individuals within the professional and social network of current employees.
Companies must create a message around what they are “offering” candidates—both the positive attributes and any inherent limitations, which must be mitigated in their market message. Additionally, organizations should incorporate an understanding of the competitive landscape for their desired talent into their approaches.
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