Pariveda+AWS: Combating Big Data

By Mike Jurjovec, Vice President, Pariveda Solutions

It’s not always common that a startup has Big Data challenges from day one, but 3WON had a big idea on how to leverage Big Data.  3WON set out to be the one true source for consumers to find, locate and connect with physicians across the US.

To meet this goal, 3WON had to ingest, model, enhance and aggregate data from dozens disparate sources to provide a truly unique view of physician information.  By focusing on the credentialing aspect of physician data, 3WON was in a unique position to have such a breadth and depth of accurate and timely physician information.  As a startup, the initial processing power and storage needs were small, but 3WON knew they would grow quickly and need to scale to handle information for every physician in the United States.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pariveda Solutions came together to provide the cost-effective platform and the solution designed for 3WON’s Big Data needs.

“We needed a fast, reliable and scalable solution that was cost-friendly to our startup needs,” said Marc Teller, COO for 3WON.  “Having Pariveda build an AWS solution allowed us to make sense of massive amounts of data.”

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