The Path to Selfless Wholeness

The Path to Selfless Wholeness

Our mission is to enable the individual to achieve their highest purpose. What motivates us to this mission? Are we trying to grow people to become more powerful or wealthy beings? Is it about winning and profits? To a degree, it is. These are not unusual goals for people in the world of business. This view of achievement is familiar and celebrated in today’s business environment and true to the characteristics of consulting and technology companies. At Pariveda, we desire success, but we also aspire to a broader, richer, more fulfilling standard of human achievement. We seek to enable the individual to self-actualize and, even more aspiringly, self-transcend. Self-transcendent leaders are characterized by a common purpose and identify with a cause greater than themselves, which is famously articulated by Abraham Maslow, one of the world’s greatest psychologists and creative thinkers.

The path to self-actualization runs along the road to self-awareness. Self-awareness is an ever increasing understanding of how we interact and integrate with others (your team, your family unit and extended family, clients individually and collectively as stakeholders, communities local and global, and ultimately all humankind), behaviorally and philosophically.

A differentiator of the self-actualized person is observable in their service to others. Giving back creates a feeling of well-being as a person meets another’s need. Self-actualization is an infinite game, based on the principle of abundance. Everyone has the right to self-actuality as a conscious being; the more people self-actualize more intently, the more readily others can achieve the same. When we partner with clients, together we can initiate an infinite game of achieving everyone’s highest purpose.

Consulting, at its core, is the practice of serving others. Consultants can help like-minded clients striving to change their world for the benefit of their company and customers. Consultants can practice service again and again as they move from client to client and company to company helping each achieve more. By these means, we develop a network of lifetime relationships within a community, in a city or across a nation, simply through service and giving back to others.

Pariveda is deliberately designed to encourage individual and organizational growth through our unique business model of enabling solution architects to help clients uncover their unknown, unmet needs and seek to satisfy them. Our transformation into selfless wholeness occurs over the course of lifetime relationships, by way of a virtuous circle of learning and achievement toward self-actualization and potentially self-transcendence, in service to our clients and communities, wherever we find them. Today, you may not recognize your individual need for self-actualization and self- transcendence, but this is one of the great unknown-unmets we strive to statisfy through our mission.

Bruce Ballengee, CEO

Download the article here > Volume 8 The Path to Selfless Wholeness

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