2015 TLT Recap and Looking Ahead!

So each Thursday you’ve been seeing us share these “Thought Leadership Thursday” posts.

Here at Pariveda, the wheels in our brains are always turning. 2015 was the year we decided to start sharing our thoughts with people outside of our office.

And boy- what a step we took!

This week, we are taking the time to highlight a handful of posts that our Fins shared in 2015. We hope you catch a post that you might’ve missed! Keep on coming back in 2016.. we have plenty more stories to share with you. See you next week!

2015 #TLT RECAP:

Our very first #ThoughtLeadershipThursday post by Sean McCall– Houston OMVP

The most viewed #TLT post with over 8,000 reads by Brian Duperrouzel and Jack Warnerkale


Ever heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses”? Scott Hajer, Director of Experienced Hire Recruiting, shares why you should stop and smell the SILENCE!

Mike Strange, OMVP of our LA office, shares about Predictive Analytics and putting the SWAT back in teams

Afraid to ask questions? David Watson from our Seattle office shares a lesson he learned early on in his career about why you shouldn’t be.


And with that… HELLO to 2016! We look forward to next week’s post to kick off Thought Leadership Thursday for the new year!





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