Pariveda Helps State Industrial Products’ Sales Team Expand to Mobile Level with AWS


In a world where mobile productivity has become a necessity for every company, State Industrial Products needed a way to update its sales and ordering capabilities through a new mobile strategy to increase productivity, efficiency, and reduce costs.

State Industrial Products is a family-owned business with a specialty in chemical manufacturing and distribution. Before working with Pariveda, the sales team directly dealt with Microsoft SharePoint and used an outdated CRM that required orders to be placed only when logged in. Additionally, its old web-based portal required a change, needing an upgrade to the latest SAP Application. With these issues in mind, it was clear that State Industrial Products needed a way to streamline its sales process through mobile to track orders more efficiently, while also providing a user-friendly experience for new sellers coming to the company.

Pariveda was able to take the sales team to the next level of ordering by creating a mobile solution that functioned regardless of connectivity and increased productivity, standardized processes, and eliminated double-entry. Kony’s Mobility Platform, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), was leveraged to decrease time to market while deploying to multiple channels including phone, tablet, and web. In addition, the solution leveraged Kony’s device management, app management, app distribution, security, and built-in integration with SAP. AWS allowed for seamless setup of Kony without blocking the progress of the project, ultimately decreasing time to market and infrastructure costs.

“The suite of technologies AWS offers expedited timing on our project and the ability to ramp up quickly,” said Johnny Masters, CIO of State Industrial Products. “Pariveda understood our business and worked to provide an easily integrated solution running on AWS.”  

The application now ensures consistent sales force management across the entire company. It makes ordering easy and provides a platform for new sellers to generate leads. The application included opportunity management, activity tracking, order entry, invoice management, and offline support. Now orders can be placed out in the field and signed the same day with clients. This level of efficiency could only have been achieved by the right partner with the right technology.

Pariveda on AWS was able to take State Industrial Products into the next generation of mobile.

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