Pariveda Introduces ExtremeTix to the Suite of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Services Mapping a Path to Success Through DevOps Solutions

Founded in 1999, ExtremeTix has been on the forefront of ticketing solutions for many kinds of events and venues within the United States and Canada. Founded by an experienced group of ticketing and IT professionals, ExtremeTix provides a new ticketing experience. An experience that is focused on offering a high level of service and overall support for their clients. Because of this high level of service demanded by their clients, ExtremeTix needed a system that could grow and expand and continuously deploy at the speed they needed.

Pariveda, a premier consulting partner with AWS, introduced ExtremeTix to the scaling potential that AWS has to offer. Previously, ExtremeTix had only utilized custom AWS EC2 instances to provide cloud server infrastructure. Now, after the Enterprise API, ExtremeTix has been introduced to an expansion of capabilities within AWS.

Pariveda collaborated with ExtremeTix to develop an API in Java. When changes were pushed to the git source control repository, Jenkins built and deployed the updated API codebase to a Tomcat Server running inside Elastic Beanstalk. API Gateway pointed to the Elastic Beanstalk domain URLs, and the endpoint contracts were updated via Swagger documentation that automatically published to AWS via the AWS CLI.

Elastic Beanstalk was chosen to provide auto scaling of the application servers, and API gateway was selected for versioning and throttling of the endpoints. Pariveda also provided ExtremeTix with an example of how to implement automated testing in a large project by using JUnit for unit testing and Cucumber for integration testing.

“Pariveda’s knowledge of the AWS suite of technologies allowed us to learn and seek guidance on how AWS could work for our business,” said Chad Cook, Manager of IT at ExtremeTix. “The implementation of just these initial applications has given us insight into how we can leverage AWS in the future.”

This application will ultimately provide Member data to ExtremeTix’s clients via a mobile application now in use. This solution allowed ExtremeTix to see expansion with AWS and helped them envision a strategy that keeps them up to speed with their industry. Now that ExtremeTix has a perspective they are able to expand their maturity and grow as the business continues to grow.

Learn more about Pariveda’s AWS capabilities at

Learn more about ExtremeTix here.



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